How to choose the best swag for you?

Theres a lot of swags on the market so choosing the right one for you can be tricky. Swags should be designed to be easy to set up, durable and comfy to sleep in. Our range is all about these key elements.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a swag thats right for you. 


Swags are designed to be set up quickly and easily. With the mattresses already inside, you just roll it out, erect it and it’s ready to go. Setting up, its sometimes useful to have a swag that is freestanding- being that in stable conditions on flat ground, there may be no need to use any pegs or guy ropes to hold it.
When it comes time to pack down, you just remove any poles, pegs or guy ropes, roll it up and use the straps to secure it. Durable carry bags or straps with Double D rings can make all the difference to the durability and portability of your swag when packed down.


Durability is a key element with swags. They should be designed to withstand the toughest of elements, especially here in Australia! To check the durability of your swag, look for the types of materials used in both the swag and the flooring.


Most swags are made from ripstop polycotton canvas. This is a tough fabric which will withstand wind and rain, and keep you warm inside the swag. This canvas is rated by weight: – the heavier the canvas, the more durable it will be. However, this adds to the overall swag weight of your swag. Finding a good balance between canvas thickness for durability, and
the overall weight is important to factor in, especially if you are travelling light.


PVC is the most common material used in the flooring. A bucket floor made from heavy-duty PVC will protect the bottom of the swag and the mattress from stones or sticks underneath. It will also stop water seeping in from the ground. Check for seam tape sealed seams to ensure the inside of the swag remains dry. Some swags may have weatherproof sealing in the corners only. Look for ones that have full weatherproof seam-tape around the entire flooring seams.


Most swags will have a 50mm or 70mm foam mattress included in them. The mattress is usually designed to remain inside, both when it’s in use and packed away. Mattresses that have a removable cover are something to check for ease of cleaning.


Whether you are after a single or double swag, it is always good to check the dimensions. There are no standard sizes for swags in Australia so different manufacturers will have different ‘single’ and ‘double’ swags sizes.


Consider the height of the swag. While they are not designed to be spacious like tents, a little extra head height will make it more comfortable, particularly for taller campers or for those who don’t like the feel of being too closed in.


Swags can heat up very quickly on warmer days and retain heat through the night. If you are planning to use your swag in all seasons, you should ensure there is plenty of ventilation. Look for large mesh panels across all sides. Another point to the mesh is to keep insects at bay so you’ll want a fine mesh to ensure even the tiniest bugs are kept out of your swag. Side awnings are another great way to offer ventilation while keeping the elements directly off the mesh sides. The awnings also give the added benefit of a bit of shelter for your belongings such as your boots and bag if they can’t go in your swag.

Our unique design swags offer the best ventilation with large, fine mesh panels and all come standard with two awning poles that can be used on either side of the swag. All come in our signature light color which helps keep your swag cool in our harsh Australian heat.


Particularly if you are purchasing a swag for two people to use, make sure there are multiple access points. This way you’ll avoid having to climb over each other every time you enter and exit the swag. It can also be handy for getting gear in and out of the swag when needed.


Quality zippers will stand the test of time and also stand up to the elements. On a swag that is designed to be durable and long lasting, you’ll want to ensure the zippers are heavy-duty and weatherproof.


Internal pockets in a swag can be useful for storing valuables such as keys and phones. The Dundee range of swags have twin internal pockets as standard.


Swags made from canvas will require the canvas to be seasoned before use. It requires wetting the canvas multiple times and allowing it to dry out completely in between. This allows the fibres of the canvas to expand and contact, sealing any tiny holes in the seams that were made during manufacture. It is essential to ensure your swag is completely waterproof. Factor this into your purchase, as you’ll need to allow time to complete the seasoning process before you take it out on your first trip.


Condensation is a natural occurrence in cold weather. In confined areas like swags and tents the body releases more moisture than the canvas can dispose of. To minimise the chance of condensation, we recommend slightly opening the window of the swag or tent to enable airflow on cold nights.