Which size swag is right for me?

Which size swag is right for me?

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when choosing a new swag will be the size and with so many brands and types of swags on the market, in all different sizes, choosing the right one can be a bit confusing!

Swags generally come in Single, King Single and Double but there isn’t a standard size for any of these so check your measurements to make sure you’re comparing apples with apples..

Lets face it, one of the best ways to ruin your trip is to not have a good night sleep so choose a swag that has a good balance between size and functionality. While you may be restricted by what you can fit, you don’t want to be cramped up inside and have a no room to move!

A single swag is perfect for a quick get away for a single person where storage isn’t needed, or you have limited room or weight capacity. These can range from 600mm wide to 900mm wide and length can be from 1800mm to 2300mm.

Our Cranky Croc Single Dome swags are 900mm wide and 2150mm long so they won’t take up too much room but will allow enough space inside for most people to stretch out and sleep well!

King Singles are the next step up and add a little more luxury to your campsite. Designed for the single in mind but you’ll have plenty of space for yourself as well as some of your personal belongings.

Sizes can vary between brands from 900mm to 1150mm wide and 1900mm to 2300mm long so one mans (or brands) single is another’s King Single it seems..

Our Cranky Croc King Single are a massive 1150mm wide and 2150mm long so they’re roomy enough to stretch out on your own (or can even accommodate two if you don’t mind snuggling). There’s plenty of room for your dog, and your bag and boots too!

The Double Swag is just as the name suggests. Big enough for two persons or for ultimate comfort when travelling alone!

The sizes of theses beasts can vary between 1100mm and 1500mm wide and 1900 to 2300mm long.

Both our Dome and Dundee Deluxe swags are a giant 1500mm wide and 2150mm long so they are what some would call a ‘Queen’ size swag. The beauty of these is the room inside, but beware, these are do take up a lot of room even when rolled up.

Still easier and more compact than most tents, the Doubles are the favored option of most swag purchases these days, but the King Single is edging its way in for the best of both worlds when it comes to that balance between size and function.
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