What do you need as a beginner camper?

What do you need as a beginner camper?

The beauty of camping is you don’t need much to get started. We’ll go through the bare essentials such as shelter/bedding, cooking equipment, food/water storage, bins and buckets, camp chairs, a radio or bluetooth speaker, and last but not least a campfire.

A good quality canvas swag or tent is a must! Swags are easy to set up and pack up and are also super easy to store away. Swags come in single beds and double beds making them ideal for both couples and singles.

It can sometimes be hard to find a quality canvas tent that’s also easy to set up. Safari style tents fix both these problems! Peg down the outsides and stand up the one center pole and you’re done! Safari tents can fit two double beds making them ideal for young families or for couples.

When it comes to camp cooking a butane gas cooker with a pot and pan is a must! While cast iron camp ovens aren’t essentials, nothing beats a camp meal cooked over coals.

Storing food is easy! Esky and ice for the cold supplies. Clear top canvas bags or collapsible hampers for the dry supplies. Done.

Rubbish bags are a must to keep both your campsite and the environment clean. Collapsible buckets and washing baskets are awesome for washing dishes and storing dirty clothes in. The benefit of collapsible buckets is that they are super easy to store away. Folding up camp tables are also handy and make your life easier for cooking and washing dishes.

One of the best parts about camping is sitting in your camp chair by the fire listening to some music. So do yourself a favor and buy a nice comfortable camp chair and radio. A radio or bluetooth speaker is great to have on in the background while you’re nice and toasty by the fire! If you’re not competent at starting campfires you can purchase fire starters at most supermarkets to make your life a bit easier. While a good heavy duty wood bag isn’t essential, they’re always handy to have for the best camp experience possible!

Most importantly have fun and enjoy your get away. You’ve earned it!
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